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It is rather disturbing to note how, over the past half century, the United States of America has gradually come to legitimatize and embrace in a new way the perverse agendas of Hitler's Third Reich. This adoption of Hitler's "wisdom" is seen in the widespread acclamation of anti- life policies as a new form of liberation.

Just as Hitler initiated his "final solution" for unwanted groups of people by propaganda degrading their humanity, so we have over the past five decades witnessed prominent politicians and academics seeking to dehumanize a child growing in utero as a sexually transmitted disease - a parasite on its mother, which, if allowed to grow, will become part of a serious world po-pollution problem. And so, to ensure that such an unwanted infringement on our agendas can be killed with impunity, we have become rather adept at adopting Hitler's propaganda technique called the Big Lie. In this way, "undesirable" persons are dehumanized by the frequent use of degrading epithets and by appeals to the need to promote efficiency and productivity. Thus it is that we see the person of the developing child referred to as a sub-human fetus, as merely a potential human being, or even an STD. Even Barrack Obama, ignoring the fact that a large majority of African-Americans have been born out-of-wedlock, asserted that, if one of his daughters were to get pregnant out of wedlock, he would not want to see her "punished with a baby".

All this has come to a head by the endorsement of a new form of "the Auschwitz option" in our legal system and in our popular culture. At Auschwitz, SS officers were given the option of condemning new arrivals to either immediate extermination in the gas chambers or to horrific slave labor under the cynical logo, "Arbeit macht frei". So also, over the past four decades in America, newly-conceived children are have been legally consigned, with the sanction of the Supreme Court, to either death by abortion or to the slavery of paying off the debt of over a hundred trillion dollars in national debt and unfunded mandates. The only difference between the two is that the fate of the helpless in Hitler's Germany was determined by the Nazi SS, while, in the American version of the Auschwitz option, the determination has been made by a new SS, cynically embellished by the pillars of Hecules as "$$" to proclaim that human life has a price, but no objective value.

As an aside, it is interesting to note how blind acceptance of the Auschwitz option has led many in our government to carefully obfuscate some important Constitutional issues. First of all, the stated intention of the Constitution "to preserve the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity", has been eschewed by the demands of short-sighted political and judicial expediency, so as to allow votes to be bought by mortgaging the liberties of future generations. In addition, many of these government leaders are also denying the applicability of the Thirteenth Amendment's prohibition of "involuntary servitude" to children in utero, who, if they survive the option of abortion, are doomed by unbridled deficit spending to perpetual debt slavery. And they have been especially diligent in ignoring basic English grammer by denying the validity of the assertion of the Fourteenth Amendment that "persons", and not merely fetal bodies, born in the United States are citizens. Ironically, Court

decisions, which have asserted that a child in utero does not legally become a person until after its umbilical cord has been cut, have effectively affirmed as a corollary that no "person" has ever gone through the process of being born in the United States, thus effectively disenfranchizing a majority of Americans and denying that anyone can be President of our nation, since the person of the President must be a natural born American. Nor may the human DNA of a pre-born child be used as legal evidence of the presence of a human person in utero, thus calling into question the validity of DNA evidence in determining the presence of a person at a crime scene.

To further confirm the reality of the Auschwitz option, we should note that, just as Himmler encouraged Josef Mengele to do sadistic medical experiments on inmates doomed to die anyway, our leaders are now pushing to allow unwanted embryos from IVF to be destroyed for embryonic stem cell research for the same reason.

Tragically then, over the past forty years, American legal thought has been led to validate a basic premise of Hitler and Himmler - that it is legally proper to promote prosperity and a new world order by degrading, enslaving or exterminating the helpless, the inconvenient and the unwanted. Such is the understanding of the audacity of hope offered by the modern Culture of Death. May God have mercy on us!

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